Policies of Computer Center

Unethical use of Computing Facilities

  • Breaking security of the systems.
  • Trying to capture/steal password of other users.
  • Sharing personal account information.
  • Storing pornographic material on the disk.
  • Viewing pornographic material on terminals.
  • Damaging/gaining access to the data of other users.
  • Playing games/Video
  • Sending bulk or junk mail to users.
  • Locking the screen of machines in the computer centre.
  • Dislocating the computers and chairs.
  • Taking off network/power cables from computer and board.
  • Stealing/Mishandling of CC property.
  • Laptops/ipads are strictly prohibited in CC Lab.

If found violating these rules, strong disciplinary action against the person will be taken.

Software Purchase Policy

  • Software purchase funded by institute will be channelized through CC.
    1."General Softwares" required by institute e.g. OS, MS Office, Antivirus, will be purchased by CC (indent approval/procurement/distribution).
    2." Indent approval for "Specialized softwares" will be done by the department/faculties. CC will assist in procurement. Distribution will be done by CC with ONE faculty in-charge (indenter) from the user group. ).
  • Repository for all the softwares will be maintained by CC and license will be distributed only to the employees for office and students for the lab purpose. Permission of faculty in-charge will be a pre-requisite for users to get specialized software license.
  • CC will not be involved in indent approval/procurement/distribution of softwares purchased by individuals through their own project/funding sources.

E-services Deactivation Policy:

A E-mail Services:
1 Student The account will be active up to 6 months from the date of "No Dues" or "Convocation".
2 *Employees The account will be suspended immediately after "No Dues".

*Based on the approval from concerned HoD/Dean, email account access can be extended for a period of one month with cancellation of posting permission on group email accounts.

b. Institute Services via Central Authentication:

This will be disabled immediately after "No Dues" for all.

Authorization for change or updates in Institute website and new development:

  • The change of content or updates in front page of Institute website can only be suggested by Director/Registrar/HoDs/Deans/Librarian.
  • The respective department website should only be update with the proposal of respective HoD.
  • C) Any request like “New Application Development”, “Extension of the previously given network points”, “New Website Development” should come from Deans/HoDs/Committee's Chairman of respective department/section.

Charges for use of CC Lab:

  • CC Lab Charges are applicable for the use of computers in different administrative examinations conducted by other government agencies.
  • The charges are based on rent of area, consumption of AC & electricity, usage charges of computer/machines.
Charges as per available facilities
Area | Electricity (AC + Computers) | Computer/Machine
1 Slot (3 Hours or Half Day) Charges for facility will be levied as per the norms.
2 Slots (Full Day)

The instructions in this regard will only be taken from the Director.

Mail Policy

  • Responsibilities of Users.
    1. E-mail is provided as a professional resource to assist users in fulfilling their official duties. Designation based ids should be used for official communication and name based ids can be used for both official and personal communication.
    2.Examples of inappropriate use of the e-mail service.
  • Creation and exchange of e-mails that could be categorized as harassing, obscene or threatening.
  • CC will not be involved in indent approval/procurement/distribution of softwares purchased by individuals through their own project/funding sources.