Drive Storage Facilities

The ownCloud server is up and running for users. ownCloud is a free and open source software. The Bighome facility is made accessible through the browser.

ownCloud is similar to Dropbox in essence users can now back up files on their Bighome storage space itself.

Syncrhonisation applications are also available. The attachments are brief tutorials for managing your ownCloud account, setting up synchronisation and using the Android app for the same.

CSC has commissioned ownCloud, a file and document sharing utility similar to the popular dropbox, for use by the IISER Bhopal community. The utility supports storing and sharing of files, images, music and documents, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. It also supports version control and syncing with Windows/Linux/Mac desktops and Android and iOS based devices. Please see owncloud features page for details. Currently all users have 1GB of available storage. This facility is independent of the home spaces and CIFS shares.

1.The ownCloud Web Interface doc.pdf[accessing the interface]410 Kb
2.Setting Your Preferences.pdf[account settings]354 Kb
3.Managing Deleted Files.pdf[ ]200 Kb
4.Installing the Desktop Synchronization Client.pdf[Synchronization]622 Kb
5.Using the Synchronization Client.pdf[Synchronization-2]1049 Kb
6.Using the ownCloud Android App.pdf[Apps]659 Kb
7.Using the ownCloud iOS App.pdf[Apps-2]511 Kb
8.Collaborative Document Editing.pdf[ ]341 Kb